Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I found it!!!!!!

Last month my sister, my mother, and I made a day and went to House of Fashion in Sacramento. I was ready, and excited, to find my wedding dress!
Of course, I had a budget to stay with. I love Reeme Acra, Eve of Milady, Kenneth Poole, Simone Carvalli and Priscilla of Boston . Those designers are NOT cheap. Deep down, I knew what I was in for.
I decided to go straight to the Eve of Milady...and there,waiting on the rack, was the most beautiful dress. As soon as I saw the bodice work...I knew I HAD to try it on.
However, a little birdie, or maybe a huge lion, kept telling me NOT to try it on because it was out of my budget. But I told that birdie/lion to hush because their dress was over their budget and no matter what, I was trying on that dress.
I tried on a few other dresses I had picked out but, secretly, I couldn't wait to try on my dress. It looked exactly how I had always pictured my dress.
As soon as I tried it on and looked into the mirror, I knew. It was my fairy tale, once-in-a-lifetime dress.
Sure, it was over my budget. But to me, it didn't matter. I had found my dress! Everythine about it is what I have always wanted. It's perfect. I don't want to say anything about the details because Shawn reads this....but....I had to give detail about the first time me and my gorgeous dress met! Hahaha. Cheesy, I know!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

it's beginning to feel a lot like...

the holiday season...

It's time for hot tea by the fire, a good book and a warm blanket on the couch, holiday baking, traditions from when I was little and taking time to be with the ones you love.

I can't wait for Elijah to experience his first thanksgiving and Christmas. I have waited for this time since he was born. I am so excited to start new traditions with my family and carry on some old ones. Silent night on Christmas eve, yeah, I am stealing that one.

My family has been all about spending time together and making memories that will last forever. Tradition. And I am so happy my family has left us traditions and holidays that will always be in our hearts.

This is the time when I stop and look at the world around me and am so thankful for my life. I have a wonderful life and have been blessed with so much love and an amazing family. I am thankful for this season in my life.

It wouldn't let me post Elijah's cute new video! So...no update on his cute little habits now a days.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My fairytale.....

I am getting married!

If he would have proposed with a ring pop instead of a diamond I still would have said yes.
(I read that line the other day and thought it was hilarious, I love ring pops!)

My soon to be hubby....feeling manly so he ordered a steak

Us at Pasquini's.....yum!
A kiss at sunset at our bridge....
Shawn gave me a Willow Tree that says...You Will Always Have My Heart
Surprise....will you marry me?
Forever and Always

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I've learned some things over the summer...

sitting with mommy at Kaffe T Latta
At the water park....taking a break from the water and swinging
Sitting with his little buddy Jordyn,...the kleptomaniac! ha
"Excuse me, Missy, I think that is MY sippy cup! But you are cute...so it's ok!"

Hi guys! I can pull myself up in my crib now!
I'm hiding something!
My little heart breaker in training! Sitting with Grandpa ...having some man time! Me and my Daddy make funny faces at each other! Mommy came in to get me from my nap and I suprised her by sitting up all by myself.My daddy and I have a special thing that I do only with him...we head butt! I am his billy goat! Everyone gathering around for my bath....I am so fun to give baths to. Mommy gave me my first taste of California Yogurt...Mango Tango...Yum! Hey! Where do you think you are taking that Mango Tango?

So....that is my photo update for the past few months! I lost my camera in May...I am now on my 3rd camera. I was making up for lost time.

In 2 weeks Elijah and I head to WA to visit Auntie Alie, see Carrie Underwood, So you think you can dance, and the Pyuallup fair.

Friday, September 5, 2008



Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Sisterhood...

Okay...so I totally feel cheeeesey when I tell people that I want to see. "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2". I mean, come on, doesn't that name just make you want to start busting up laughing? Well, everytime I try to tell someone I want to see that movie I can not, for the life of me, keep a straight face.

Today my mother, sister, grandma and myself went to go see it. I have to say, with guilty pleasure, I loved it. Alexis Bledel is my favorite actress ever. And not because of Gilmore Girls. Okee, I lied it is because she was so amazing in that tv show.

Anyways, it has been amazing having my sister here so much! 3 times in the last month and a half. How did I get so lucky?

Ohhhh, and we are going to see Carrie Underwood AND So you think you can dance in WA next month for a late bday celebration! Waaaaaaaaa hooooo!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Woman of faith.....


The past few months have been a whirl wind of trips to the hospital. It was hard to see you suffer but it gave me peace knowing that you were ready to go and be with Jesus. Nothing would have made you happier. No more suffering or waiting, no more fighting your old body to work another day.
You have been an ever present and sweet Grandma, a grandma of faith. I am so blessed that Elijah got to meet you. He was the apple of your eye and the highlight of your days. Thanks for loving me and loving him.

I am happy you are in a better place with a new body and your Jesus by your side. You will be remembered and loved forever Grandma.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Feeed Me!

First time in my highchair and ready for my food...where is it? Waiting for my first bite of real food...well, baby food!
I like it! Rice Cereal!
Hmmm...I don't know if I like these things you say are peas!

Shawn and I gave Elijah his first taste of baby food on Father's day. Peas! Well, it was more like not even a half spoon full. But it was fun to see his reaction. The rice cereal he liked but the green beans are his favorite so far...next comes the yellow and orange veggies and then fruits! Of course we waited 3 days between each new food to look for reactions and he is doing great so far. He is getting to be such a big boy and is really showing us his personality (not that it was ever lacking from day one).
A spoon full!
All done!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thankful on Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, to two of the most amazing fathers I have ever known. I love and cherish you both.

If God were to take the love of all of the fathers ever created and put that love into one heart, it would be your heart. You have such a huge father's heart and I am so blessed, everyday, to be able to call you my father. Not only have you been an everpresent figure in my life but you have been a father figure to those you aren't as blessed as I am, to those that don't have a loving and stable father in their lives.
I have more memories than I could ever count of days spent "on the job" with you, or when you would pick me up for our special dates together, or the time that you bought me a corsage for prom and you made sure it matched my dress perfectly. I remember early mornings waking up to a big hug and a prayer before I was on my way for the day. And sometimes, I remember waking up to you sitting on the edge of my bed praying a blessing over your last born child. Even though not all of our memories are great ones, I do remember you fighting for me and praying for me and even when I thought I knew it all and you couldn't tell me otherwise...you quietly and faithfully prayed and trusted God....and through it all you were still there to listen to me in my time of hurting and pray for me.
Today, I want to honor you for the father you are and the father that you have been. I want to display my gratefulness and admiration for you. Thank you for being faithful to Mom for 33 years and being a living example of a committed husband and father. Thank you for being my Daddy, for being you.

Your LBC,

My love,
This last year of our lives has been the most intense year throughout our 3 and 1/2 year relationship. We have grown closer to eachother, our families, and to God.
You have been by my side through the fun times that we have had laughing together and goofing off and through the times of sadness and heartache, but most of all....the time of SUPRISES. From day one, you have been active in Elijah's life and excited to become a father. You went to every doctor's apointment with me and took care of me when I didn't feel well. I have to admit I used the "pregnant" card quite a bit, but you didn't care, you were happy to fun around all over town for my latest craving. You labored with me throughout the night and made sure that every single detail was just the way I had wanted it. And when our son arrived...you were there to rejoice with me.
When I got up with Elijah throughout the night, you did too. If I needed a break or some sleep, you were there. It's been a life changing experience seeing our son get bigger and bigger and to see you active in your role as a father and from the beginning you have blown me away at your commuitment, patience, and excitedness. Thank you for being my best friend and Elijah's daddy. Thank you for being faithful to me and a support system. I love you.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Splish Splash

Last Saturday it was about 102 degrees here in California so Shawn and I decided that we were going to take Elijah over to Grandpa and Grandma Fox's for his first swim of the summer.

He absolutely loved it! He floated for about 45 minutes without saying a word, just relaxing and having a good ol' time! He was so relaxed....he feel asleep! Ha!

Friday, May 2, 2008

3 1/2 months and learning new tricks

Last night Shawn and I were playing with Elijah on the floor and I put him on his tummy and he was loving it (rare). He was laying his head on the floor and just relaxing and then all of the sudden...he rolled over onto his back! I screamed and then I cried. Haha. And Elijah just looked at us like..."What? What did I do!?"

We had to make sure it wasn't a one time thing so back he went on his tummy and he flipped onto his back right away! And I tried it this morning and he did it again! We have a flipper! Yay!

Okay...I am done with my proud mom post!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Summa Summa Summa Tiiiime

Well, not really, but it sure does feel greating having 85 degree weather here! Elijah got his first sunburn! I know...I feel like a horrible mother! They say not to put sun screen on babies under 6 months because their skin is so thin and absorbs the chemicals in the sunscreen. SO....I just kept him outta the sun...or so I thought. But he was a trooper and LOVED it when I rubbed the aloe on him.

Shawn has been working long long hours so it is a little hard adjusting to being alone with Elijah for such a long period of time...but I treasure the moments I have with him.

Elijah is grabbing everything now and putting it in his mouth and he smiles so big! He is close to giggling and turning himself over...but not quite yet. I think I will cry when he does turn over.

It has been so warm here I haven't been able to put him in my favorite outfit of his. I put him in it in Washington and 20 minutes later he pooped through it. So one day was pretty cold and windy so I got to dress him in it....and here is my lil copilot!

Friday, March 28, 2008

More Washington

At Maggiano's for Grandpa's 59th birthday.....we love grandpa (daddy had to go home boo)
Showing daddy his new moves..

Yummy fingers....

Our little family on our first Easter together

Sleeping on Easter at the Hardebeck's....he LOVED that seat

Fresh dressed like a million bucks....aww little sweater vest

Elijah all dressed up with Daddy on Easter before church

On the airplane...our little peanut slept the whole time and was a perfect little one...as always

At the airport about to go to leave for our flight...