Saturday, September 6, 2008

I've learned some things over the summer...

sitting with mommy at Kaffe T Latta
At the water park....taking a break from the water and swinging
Sitting with his little buddy Jordyn,...the kleptomaniac! ha
"Excuse me, Missy, I think that is MY sippy cup! But you are it's ok!"

Hi guys! I can pull myself up in my crib now!
I'm hiding something!
My little heart breaker in training! Sitting with Grandpa ...having some man time! Me and my Daddy make funny faces at each other! Mommy came in to get me from my nap and I suprised her by sitting up all by myself.My daddy and I have a special thing that I do only with him...we head butt! I am his billy goat! Everyone gathering around for my bath....I am so fun to give baths to. Mommy gave me my first taste of California Yogurt...Mango Tango...Yum! Hey! Where do you think you are taking that Mango Tango?

So....that is my photo update for the past few months! I lost my camera in May...I am now on my 3rd camera. I was making up for lost time.

In 2 weeks Elijah and I head to WA to visit Auntie Alie, see Carrie Underwood, So you think you can dance, and the Pyuallup fair.

Friday, September 5, 2008