Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thankful on Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, to two of the most amazing fathers I have ever known. I love and cherish you both.

If God were to take the love of all of the fathers ever created and put that love into one heart, it would be your heart. You have such a huge father's heart and I am so blessed, everyday, to be able to call you my father. Not only have you been an everpresent figure in my life but you have been a father figure to those you aren't as blessed as I am, to those that don't have a loving and stable father in their lives.
I have more memories than I could ever count of days spent "on the job" with you, or when you would pick me up for our special dates together, or the time that you bought me a corsage for prom and you made sure it matched my dress perfectly. I remember early mornings waking up to a big hug and a prayer before I was on my way for the day. And sometimes, I remember waking up to you sitting on the edge of my bed praying a blessing over your last born child. Even though not all of our memories are great ones, I do remember you fighting for me and praying for me and even when I thought I knew it all and you couldn't tell me quietly and faithfully prayed and trusted God....and through it all you were still there to listen to me in my time of hurting and pray for me.
Today, I want to honor you for the father you are and the father that you have been. I want to display my gratefulness and admiration for you. Thank you for being faithful to Mom for 33 years and being a living example of a committed husband and father. Thank you for being my Daddy, for being you.

Your LBC,

My love,
This last year of our lives has been the most intense year throughout our 3 and 1/2 year relationship. We have grown closer to eachother, our families, and to God.
You have been by my side through the fun times that we have had laughing together and goofing off and through the times of sadness and heartache, but most of all....the time of SUPRISES. From day one, you have been active in Elijah's life and excited to become a father. You went to every doctor's apointment with me and took care of me when I didn't feel well. I have to admit I used the "pregnant" card quite a bit, but you didn't care, you were happy to fun around all over town for my latest craving. You labored with me throughout the night and made sure that every single detail was just the way I had wanted it. And when our son were there to rejoice with me.
When I got up with Elijah throughout the night, you did too. If I needed a break or some sleep, you were there. It's been a life changing experience seeing our son get bigger and bigger and to see you active in your role as a father and from the beginning you have blown me away at your commuitment, patience, and excitedness. Thank you for being my best friend and Elijah's daddy. Thank you for being faithful to me and a support system. I love you.