Sunday, April 27, 2008

Summa Summa Summa Tiiiime

Well, not really, but it sure does feel greating having 85 degree weather here! Elijah got his first sunburn! I know...I feel like a horrible mother! They say not to put sun screen on babies under 6 months because their skin is so thin and absorbs the chemicals in the sunscreen. SO....I just kept him outta the sun...or so I thought. But he was a trooper and LOVED it when I rubbed the aloe on him.

Shawn has been working long long hours so it is a little hard adjusting to being alone with Elijah for such a long period of time...but I treasure the moments I have with him.

Elijah is grabbing everything now and putting it in his mouth and he smiles so big! He is close to giggling and turning himself over...but not quite yet. I think I will cry when he does turn over.

It has been so warm here I haven't been able to put him in my favorite outfit of his. I put him in it in Washington and 20 minutes later he pooped through it. So one day was pretty cold and windy so I got to dress him in it....and here is my lil copilot!