Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day

I am so excited for tomorrow night. Even though we have entered the "parents" stage of our lives and it feels like there is never going to be any time for romance or a kiss or a cuddle with each other, we are making some alone time for ourselves.

For Valentine's Day we are going to the Super 90's Love Jam....Kc and Jo Jo baby! I think this will be a great night and a perfect way to celebrate our 3 years together. Hopefully we won't be worried about Elijah too much!

Funny how one little life can change your life so dramatically!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Our Little Peanut

My rock through it all, trying to comfort me inbetween contractions
The day before our son came into the world...but I was having contractions and dialted to a 2
Some of the girls from my work checkin' out the lil guy...he had so many ladies givin' him lovins
"Hmm...I will lay here and be cute while you change my really poopy diaper, ok?"
Grandpa checkin' out his new grandson, something was really funny
One proud new Daddy
Grandma snuggling with the her first grandchild

Dreaming about.....Starbucks? A true Reimers.
Elijah with Uncle Ian....thanks Auntie Sarah for the homemade beanie!
EJ loves his Auntie Alie
Our lil peanut
Daddy and Elijah decided that Cars was too boring
As soon as I get the pictures from Shawn's camera there will be pictures with me actually in them! I have been hiding behind the camera because it has been rare for me to be able to have enough time to shower and get ready for the day! Ha!