Friday, October 12, 2007

Due Date Mix-up

So...Shawn and I have been a little misinformed about our due date. We are due January 8th according to our very first ultrasound! Just found that out today at our check-up!

Not only that...but according to the due date from our last ultrasound my due date is January 5th! But we stick to the doctors original due date! January 8th!

Shawn and I went to my glucose test today and after fasting all morning and drinking 50 g of was only 106. Which is basically what it should be gestational diabetes! Fun's getting so close!


Steve and Alie said...

Um.... hello???? Where are the pics of my visit???

Andrea said...

Hi Natalie, hey what is your email address so that I can email you my address. Just don't want to put it on here for the whole world to see ya know. You are such a beautiful prego. I'm sure you're getting so excited! I'm excited for you, I love your bedding too, something Gabe would pick if we were ever having a boy.

Amy said...

January is going to be here before we know it. And after you have your baby, it means my turn is next...woo hoo!!!